Prospective Families: 


-When do your sessions run?-

Our sessions take place from March-October. The winter months are spent revamping the website, updating information, fundraising and accepting applications for the next year! We understand that most families would like outdoor sessions and with winter setting in around November we feel it’s best to give everyone a little break for the winter and holidays. This time of the year is also “cold season” and we don’t want our photographers and families sharing any germs!

- What happened to The Littlest Heroes Project?-

“The Littlest Heroes Project” still exists, just under a new name! Because of our expansion, we now offer more then just photo sessions for our heroes! We now offer programs and volunteer opportunities for children, teens, and adults who also want to give back, but don’t do photography. Information about our new programs and services can be found on the Programs page which is coming soon.

- How do I get in contact with a photographer?-

Finding a photographer to set up a session with you is easier then it seems. Each photographer in our network has provided a contact e-mail and location to where they are located and where they can take clients. You will get an email instructing you to do this step after your child’s application is sent in. Families now contact their photographers directly to set up their sessions.

-Do you only offer this to people in the United States?-

Heck No! … Disease and sickness doesn’t limit itself to the United States, so we don’t limit our effort and services either. We are accepting applications from photographers around the globe and if there is one in your neck of the woods, we’ll hook you up.

-Does my child have to be in the hospital to have their photo taken?-

No! Unlike other foundations that just offer photo-shoots only in hospitals, we like to travel and work with our heroes! We understand that all of our heroes are all at different stages with their various treatments, while some don’t ever even have to be hospitalized at all! Each child and case is different. Our photographers are ready to work with you to set up a comfortable session where your child can feel safe and that works for both them and your entire family.

-How long does it take to hear back after I submit my application?-

Generally it takes 3 days- week to hear back with your child’s acceptance email. Once you are accepted you can now start contacting your desired photographers right away. Starting in July 2011 Inspiration Through Art starting doing”direct communication”. Families no longer need to be matched with a photographer through us! Before this system we would individually match each family with a photographer of their choice. This got to be too time consuming and as our numbers grew it was impossible to keep up with all of the applications and requests coming in. Since the change we have seen a rise in completed sessions and communication between families and photographers has improved!

-What does it mean to be part of your “Team of Heroes”?-

All accepted heroes are automatically part of Inspiration Through Art’s “Team of Heroes” for the year they were approved. Our heroes are featured on our Meet The Heroes page, featured sometime during the year on our Facebook, and are registered to receive a birthday box. For those who opted in at the time of applying signed up heroes are also registered to receive various cards, awards, prizes, and are able to participate in any contest through ITA. Once a child is accepted there mailing information is kept on file for up to 3 years.

-How much do your programs cost?-

Nothing, zero, zlich! Our ITA Photo Sessions, Treasure Boxes of Love, Comfort Boxes, and Art Kit programs are all free of charge for participants. You should never be asked to pay a dime for any of our programs, including all of our photo sessions. Our photographers offer each family a complimentary sitting fee plus 20+ free prints as a way to give back to you!

-My child is all done with treatment, are they still eligible for a photo session and your programs?-

Of course! Survivors are just as important as warriors and have stories to share as well. We welcome survivors and their families to also participate in any or all programs to help spread hope to other families and children out there who are currently fighting the same battles.

-Are siblings welcome to participate?-

As long as there’s no tugging on hair then of course super siblings are welcome to participate in any ITA session. We also welcome parents to participate and any other immediate family or caregivers. Extended family and non hero friends are discouraged from participating in these sessions, as they are for our heroes and their immediate family.

-My child has a close friend who is also eligible for the project, can they do a session together?-

Yes! Two times the fun! If you know of other families who would like photos done as well setting up a session for two or more children at the same time is actually a lot easier for us. We have had photographers travel to local hospitals and end up doing 4 or 5 sessions in one trip! It works out well for the children to be with friends while photos are being snapped, and it saves us some gas! Meeting up for photos with other warrior families is also an option. Just be sure to let your photographer know when you contact them that they will be photographing more then one little hero.

-I just went to apply, but there is no form, what is going on?-

August 1st 2012 our applications for new heroes closed down. As of June 1st 2013 applications are now open again. We hope you will consider helping us continue to keep ITA alive. Click here to read more. 


Approved Families:

-I keep emailing, but am getting no response, what is going on!?-

Participants and photographers need to understand that we get anywhere from 50-100 new applications a week for programs, volunteers, and joining photographers. We do our best (with the 3 people behind the scenes) to send out emails and answer questions as quickly as we can. Applications take first priority, and all of the follow up questions and concern emails come after. Please be sure to review our website BEFORE emailing us asking questions that could be found on the website! If you have been accepted but cannot find a photographer please respond to original application instead of starting a new email. This way we keep all your information in one place!

-I was accepted a few years ago and never had a session done!-

As you can see, many things have changed! If you applied in the past but did not find a photographer to work with, please submit a new updated application (when they are open) and we will get you setup with new information on how to start the ITA session process.

-I was busy when I first applied and finally went to login, but the password won’t work. What did I do wrong?-

Our program is designed to be used at the time you sign up for your special ITA session. We understand things get busy and there might be normal delays in moving ahead with your session but our photographers and volunteers are working very hard to get all our heroes sessions done and boxes sent as needed. After two months our master list page password changes to ensure that only current families have access to our photographers private information. If you are needing a new password please respond to your original acceptance email and one will be sent to you! Don’t have your original application? Please email us at applications@inspirationthroughart.org with your child’s name.

-Our photo shoot is over and I got my images, why are they not on the website?-

Once your session is over it is your photographers responsibility to turn in your photos through the website or email. If your photographer has not done so, you are able to turn your images in too via THIS PAGE. If your files are too big they can be directly emailed as attachments to felicia@inspirationthroughart.org. Children are featured via our Facebook page 1-3 times a week to make sure every child’s story is highlighted and featured. All children will have their stories featured when both the photos and story are turned in and on file. You should have provided us your child’s story along with their application, if for any reason you would like your story changed before your child is featured please respond to your original application email with changes!


Prospective and Approved Photographers:


-Why do you require photographers to give one image without a watermark?-

When you do a session with ITA we want it to remain about the kids, always.  It’s not about each photographer getting their name out, or free publicity for them.  It’s about what you’re agreeing to in terms of giving back to these incredible families.  By requiring that  all photographers give us one non-watermarked image we can use that image on our website, and facebook page, to help share their stories.  Photographers are always welcome to share their images on their own facebook pages, but for our website and facebook, we want the theme to stay focused on the kids.

-What am I required to offer the families, and what am I able to charge them for?-

When you sign up to be a photographer with us you are agreeing to a free session, and to offer either digitally or in print form, at least 20 – 25 images, to the family at no cost to them.  Once you’ve achieved that, you can always offer them boutique items or additional items at a percentage off, if you like, or you can charge them full price.  If you’ve provided the basic requirements of the session, anything after that is entirely up to you and your business.

How does the process work, can you give an example?-

The entire process to become a photographer, and to see your first session through, basically will go like this:

•  After you’ve read through the criteria, and agree to our terms, you will apply on the website with all your information.

•  Over the course of a week, one of our volunteers will go through all the weeks applications and approve those that fit the criteria.

•  Anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks after applying, and barring approval, you will get an email that says you’ve been approved, gives you information, links to look up, etc… keep this email!

•  Once approved you’re free to share the good news on your facebook pages, announce it on your blog {we wouldn’t mind a link;)}, and start spreading the word in your local community that you’re now offering our sessions.

•  As an approved photographer, now you’re ready to take on sessions.  Families will contact you, not ITA, about setting up sessions.  Make sure to get the word out!

{As a side note, once you’ve gotten your approval email from us, you will not get any others unless we’re specifically asking for your help with a family.  A lot of photographers tell us they got their approval email, but then got nothing after that, and weren’t sure why.  Once we have approved you, then you’re all set and ready.  We aren’t going to be the ones to email you about a session, the families will!}

-As a photographer for your organization can you guarantee that I’ll get to do a session?-

The simplest answer is, no.  We make no promises that someone in your area will need your services.  Unfortunately we have a lot of photographers who assume there are kids waiting already, and that’s not always the case.  Getting to do a session could also depend on you, and your participating in getting the word out.  If you work hard to contact local groups, hospitals, therapy centers, etc… you just might be the reason someone hears about our organization, and will be able to contact you for a session.  Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t immediately needed!

-How do the families find me?-

Here at ITA we keep an ongoing list of all our photographers.  We make sure to keep it updated, and ready, for families to view and choose which photographer fits their needs.  We do not partner families and photographers automatically, and the only time we offer is in extreme cases.  We do this so that each family can look through the list, browse the photographers and their websites, and pick their own.  That is how the families will find you!

-Some unforeseen circumstances have come up, and I need to be removed, how can I do that?-

We are sorry to see you go, although we understand that many circumstances arise that make participation with ITA difficult. If for any reason you need your information pulled from our listing please email Christina@inspirationthroughart.org with your name, location, and website. We respect everyones decision to leave, and will never question any emails or requests to be removed. However, once you have pulled your listing you may not apply again until a year after your removal. We do our best to be a group who is dependable and committed to being ready to photograph and schedule sessions for our special heroes!